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West Milford Hiking Trails


West Milford 

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Hiking Trail Maps

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The Heart of the Highlands!

The Township of West Milford has many hiking trails.  Click on the thumbnails to the left and you will find the Appalachian Trail, Highlands Trail and many other marked and unmarked trails.


Hiking throughout the Township, you will encounter beautiful and unique fauna.  The area has many lakes and streams, as well as wildlife, birds, squirrels, deer, fox, coyotes and black bear. 



Make your hike a safe and enjoyable experience, follow our hiking safety tips, bear country, camping tips, NJ snake and tick safety information pages.

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Last modified: Saturday, December 13, 2003
 05:27 AM


Lost in the Woods
The 9 Rules for Survival

1.      Stay Together, DO NOT Separate - if with a friend or pet.

The reason for this rule is body heat. Cuddling up to a large dog or friend will help keep you warm. If with a dog, do not let it run loose, it can help you more by staying close and providing heat and companionship.

2.      Stay in one place or area. DO NOT WANDER!

This is the MOST important rule of them all. If you wander - We Can not Find You. One reason is that people looking for you move very slowly while searching for clues. If you are out front running along, we won't be able to catch up. Another reason for not wandering is the possibility of falling and hurting yourself while traveling. Being lost and hurt could be tragic.

3.      Keep Warm.

This rule means to keep warm with the clothes you are wearing. NEVER take any clothes off. Cover up all the exposed skin you can. If you are wearing a sweater or jacket, do it up. Watch out for your shoe laces. Branches have a tricky way of undoing them. The most important part of your clothing is a hat or something that covers your head. Over 70% of all your body heat escapes through your head.

4.      Find a Cozy Waiting Place, Not a Hiding Place. 

A cozy waiting place means, a warm place out of the wind and rain but not a place where searchers can not see you. Under a large tree is a good place.

5.      Put Out Something Bright. 

Put out something bright or make something to tell people searching for you where you are. Make a flag using what you have, but Do Not Take Off Any Clothes to do so. Some suggestions are white paper, money, hair ribbons, a strip from an orange garbage bag, etc. Spell the word "HELP" or "SOS" on the ground using rocks and sticks or make a large arrow with them, pointing to where you are. Do anything to attract attention!

6.      Look Bigger For Searchers. 

If possible, your waiting place should be near an open space. When you hear someone coming, move to the middle of the clearing and call. Do Not Run in the direction of the noise. If it is an aircraft you heard, lie down so the pilot has a bigger target to look at. Then wave with both your arms and legs, like making an angel in the snow. Stand up immediately after the aircraft has passed, as the ground can be very cold.

7.      Do Not Lie on the Bare Ground.

 The only exception to this rule is the one above. Laying on the cold ground for a very short period of time, attracting attention, is OK. Being in direct contact with the ground for any length of time is dangerous. The cold ground can rob precious body heat from you. Build a mattress using available materials such as branches, moss, leaves, etc. This mattress should be as thick as the mattress you sleep on at home! After the mattress is completed, gather the same amount or more, of the same material and use it for the blankets. This is called a survival bed.

8.      Do Not Eat Anything you are not sure of.

Do Not eat any berries, mushrooms or anything else unless you are 100% sure what they are. Being hungry is not too bad of a feeling compared with being violently sick. And remember, there won't be anyone there to look after you. You can go without food for a long time, but you cannot go without water.

9.      Stay Away from Large Rivers and Lakes.

You must have drinking water to survive, but be careful where you get it from. Do Not go near any large bodies of water. Instead, drink from a water supply that is smaller than you are, so you can not fall in. Another source of water can be found on leaves in the form of dew.




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