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Snakes of New Jersey


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Preventing Snake Bites

The old adage "play with a snake and you get bit" is generally true, and all experts agree that the way to prevent a snake bite is to leave a snake alone.  Almost all snake bites occur because of amateurs handling snakes, or because of someone's failure to take proper precautions while in the field.

About 90 percent of snake bites occur below the knee and occasionally on the hands and arms.  A snake can strike 1/2 to 2/3 of its total length, so staying well away from a venomous snake is the best defense should you encounter one.

Use common sense and care in areas where venomous snakes occur.  Always look where you are walking and don't place your hands in holes, or under logs or rocks without first looking.  Wearing protective knee-high leather boots is a good practice.  For Further safety don't handle dead snakes, stay on established paths and trails, and don't wander around after dark.  During the hot summer months most snakes are inactive during the day, but come out at night to feed.

With millions of New Jersey residents hiking, picnicking, camping and wandering our woodlands and fields, there has not been a single case of a snake bite causing illness or death.

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If you see a snake on your property or while hiking, the best action is to avoid the snake unless you are familiar with snake identification and handling.  Here in New Jersey it is illegal to possess most snakes and they should be left in the wild and not kept as pets.

Please click on the picture of the snake you would like to know more about.

Northern Copperhead Timber Rattlesnake

Only three species of snakes may be possessed without a permit in New Jersey--boa constrictor, the garter snake, and the ribbon snake;  all others require a permit.  The Division of Fish, Game and Shellfisheries (PO Box 1809, Trenton NJ 08625) should be contacted for information on obtaining the proper authorization before the snake is acquired.  Generally, permits are not issued for venomous snakes.






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How to control Snakes
There are hundreds more non-venomous snakes than there are venomous ones and these harmless snakes frequently come into contact with man.  During the fall months when snakes are seeking winter hibernating quarters they may be attracted to basements, stone walls, and rock gardens.  The best prevention is to make certain that all cracks and crevices in the house and out-building foundations are tight.  Also, by removing rock piles brush piles and trash and keeping grass and weeds cut low you remove cover attractive to snakes.  Finally, any food or cover that attracts rodents should be removed as rodents are the primary food of many snakes.
New Jersey Snakes

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