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Early intervention -Saves Lives!

First Responders receive a Laerdal Heartstart FR from the State Department of Health, August 9, 2000..


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Emergency Management Coordinator Michael Woch applied for and received a Laerdal Heartstart FR Automated External Defibrillator from the Department of Health and Senior Services, Office of Emergency Medical Services First Responder Early Defibrillation Enhancement Program.

The program initiated by the Governor provided AED's free of charge to 146 Towns Police/Fire Departments throughout the State. 

AEDs are phonebook-sized, battery-powered devices that evaluate a patient's heart rhythm, generate and deliver an electric charge to someone whose heart has stopped, and then re-evaluates the heart. The AEDs provide both voice and visual prompts that lead users through each rescue step.

This grant was designed to target first responders, increasing the chances that important intervention will be accessible when citizens need it no matter where they are at the time.


Last updated: Thursday, April 07, 2005 01:44 PM

Most of the Township's Emergency Services Personnel has training to use the AED.   However, in addition to providing the AED the State has also provided Laerdal's "Little Anne" a training AED and video, to assist in training  First Responders in the use of the Laerdal Heartstart.


The Laerdal Heartstart will be available to First Responders for Search & Rescue missions, Water and Ice rescues and all incidents requiring activation of the Emergency Services Trailer.

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