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  • Identify your evacuation route.
  • Keep a supply of non-perishable food, drinking water containers, candles, waterproof matches, lanterns and fuel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, battery-powered radio, flashlights and batteries.

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If you need electric service to operate a life support device, you can file a medical certificate with Orange and Rockland from your Doctor or local Board of Health to enroll in a special program.

Orange and Rockland will work closely with you to help you prepare for maintenance outages and unplanned outages.  They provide a 24 hour Hotline number to call in an emergency.  Eligibility in this program is based on your level of dependence and frequency of use of specific electrically operated medical equipment, not the nature of your illness.  Call Orange and Rockland Customer service for more information regarding this program.

West Milford Township's local contact number for Orange and Rockland is 973-728-8003.








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Last modified: April 06, 2005




  • Keep tuned to your local radio (WFME 94.7 FM, WSUS 102.3 FM or WGHT 1500 AM) or television station (Cable Vision Channel 85-98-99) for advice and instructions about emergency medical, food, housing and other forms of assistance.
  • Stay out of disaster areas which could be dangerous and where your presence will interfere with essential rescue and recovery work. Do not use the telephone except for rescue, serious injuries or emergencies.
  • Do not drive unless you must. Roads should be left clear for emergency vehicles. Flooded, unplowed or debris filled streets are dangerous.



If you purchase a generator, have it installed and wired by a licensed electrician.  Make sure it meets fire underwriters' regulations.  For your well-being have your electrician brief you on all the safety aspects of the generator's operation.

If you use a portable generator system during a power outage, make sure it has a transfer switch to prevent back feed into the lines.  The switch protects repair crews from getting injured by your power supply.  It also prevents damage to your generator when power is restored.

Never use a gas oven or range to heat a room.  Over an extended period of time the used of an oven or range in a closed house consumes the oxygen and creates deadly monoxide gas.

Consider sharing resources in an emergency.  Talk to neighbors who may need help.





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