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Safety Tips for Seniors

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Space heaters should not be utilized as a main source of heat. Use them properly.
Do not place them at exits or stairways where they block the exits or can be
tipped over. Never fill portable heaters while they are still burning or are hot.

Heating systems and furnaces should be cleaned and serviced once a year to
avoid fire hazards. Make sure there is an emergency shut-off switch. If not, have
one installed.






Install smoke detectors in key locations throughout the house and keep checking
them. Make sure the warning alarm is loud enough for those who have difficulty
hearing. Have large, noncombustible ashtrays available in every room for people
who smoke. 

Check all electrical outlets, extension and appliance cords. Do not overload
sockets and make sure that wires are not frayed or exposed. If your house is
older, have an electrician check that the wiring meets current building codes.

Dispose of old newspapers, magazines and rags properly. If possible, have them
recycled. Do not store them near gasoline, cleaning fluid, or kerosene. Keep all
flammable materials in a cool, vented place away from your main living areas.

Plan and practice fire drill exits from all areas of the house. Figure out two ways to
reach the ground safely from each room and make sure windows can be opened from
the inside. Mark the window and/or door of any person who requires special
assistance from the fire department.



Last modified: December 13, 2003



Avoid kitchen fires by cleaning your stove exhaust hood, and utensils regularly to
eliminate grease build-up. Provide good lighting near your stove and always keep
a fire extinguisher mounted nearby. Do not wear loose, hanging clothing when
working over a hot burner and always use a hot pad or mitt.

Do not block exits with furniture or enclose windows with iron bars that do not
allow escape in case of fire.



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