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Smoke Detectors Save Lives! 


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LOCATIONS (click here to refer to diagram)

Smoke Detector Locations

                Smoke detectors shall be located one per each level of the home within 10 (ten) feet of every bedroom door between the door and the living area. 

Note 1:  The basement detector must be mounted on the basement ceiling, within three feet of the stairwell.   

Note 2:  When installed on the wall, smoke detectors must be placed no less than 6” or more than 12” from the ceiling. 

Note 3:  Cathedral ceilings are considered a level and must have a smoke detector within 12” measured vertically of the highest point.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Locations

 1.             CO Detectors shall be centrally located outside of each sleeping area within ten feet of every bedroom door.

 2.             The detectors shall be listed in accordance with UL-2034, and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

When a change of occupant occurs in all one and two family homes and some condominium units by sale or rental smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher is required.


Battery, electric, electric w/battery backup detectors are acceptable.

1.       Detectors must be checked by the owner or his agent, prior to certification.

 2.       CO Detectors must be installed in any family living unit containing a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace, woodstove or having an attached garage.

 3.       Existing electrical detectors must operate as designed and may not be replaced with battery operated detectors.  If the existing electrical detectors work, but the location or amount is unsatisfactory,  any additional detectors required may be battery operated.

 4.       Smoke detectors have a life of 7-10 years, and should be replaced with new detectors after ten years.  Dates of         manufacture can be located on the detector.   


Click here for Smoke Detector Locations


One 2A 10BC fire extinguisher


Last modified: November 09, 2005

Downloadabe Documents

Residential Cert Instructions

Senate #2069 CO Detectors

Senate #1968 Smoke Detectors

Please note you must have adobe on your computer to view/print these documents



As per NJAC 5:70-2.9(d) the fee schedule shall be as follows:

1.  Requests for certification received more than 10 business days prior to the change of occupant $35.00.

2.  Requests for certification received four to 10 business days prior to the change of occupant $70.00.

3.  Requests for certification received fewer than four business days to the change of occupant $125.00.

  • Scheduling hours:  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Certifications are scheduled for Wednesday's, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

EVERY home should have smoke and CO detectors installed, whether or not a sale or rental is pending.  Click here to see the diagram of where smoke detectors should be located in your home.


 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Telephone 973-728-2840

Evening Information:  973-728-2800


Fire Extinguisher Locations

One 2A 10 BC fire extinguisher shall be mounted in brackets with the top of the extinguisher no higher than 5 feet from the floor  within 10 feet of the kitchen area.  

Fire extinguishers shall be listed, labeled, charged and operable.



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