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Assembly Occupancies

Uniform Fire Code Section 605.2


Means of Egress: Obstructions


F-605.2  Display:  Aisles, passageways or stairways in any structure shall not be obstructed with tables, showcases, Christmas trees, vending machines or other obstructions during hours when the structure is open to the public, nor shall such obstructions be located in such a manner to interfere with fire-fighting access.  Display boards, signs, coat racks and any other movable equipment that obstructs the path of egress travel shall be prohibited.  A mirror shall not be placed in or adjacent to any means of egress in such a manner as to confuse the direction of egress.  Draperies and similar hangings shall not obscure an exit.


Decorative material: 

F-306.6 Holiday Displays:  Seasonal displays or trees and wreaths in all buildings covered by the Uniform Fire Uniform Fire Safety Act, P.L. 1983. c. 383, shall be maintained in a safe, proper and sanitary condition in accordance with the fire safety standards set forth in this section and as required by this code.

F-306.6.1 General Limitations:  Any person displaying holiday trees and wreaths shall ensure that the display satisfies the following requirements:

1.                             Holiday trees and wreaths shall not be allowed to obstruct corridors, exits or other means of egress nor be placed near any stairway or elevator shaft.

2.                             Holiday trees and wreaths shall not be used for decorative purposes in show windows or other parts of buildings in such a quantity as to constitute a fire hazard unless such material is flame-proofed in an approved manner.

3.                             Holiday trees and wreaths shall not be located near any heating vent or other fixed or portable heating device which could cause the greenery to ignite or dry out prematurely.  In addition, the use of open flames such as candles, lanterns, kerosene heaters or gas-fired heaters on or near holiday trees is prohibited.

4.                             No flammable decorations, combustible tree skirts or decorative gift packages may be placed on or under or around holiday trees.  This restriction does not apply to a live or natural cut tree displayed in a sprinklered building.

5.                             Only electric lights approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or other approved electrical testing agency may be used on a tree.  Such electric lights shall not be decorated with paper or other combustible materials unless such materials shall have first been flame proofed.

F-306.6.2 Natural Cut trees:  Natural cut trees, which include blue spruce, scotch pine, Douglas fir and other similar evergreen trees generally used in holiday displays, shall be permitted in any building covered by this code if the trees are located in areas protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system or meet the flame resistance requirements of NFPA 701 listed in Chapter 44.

1.                          Natural Cut trees used in buildings covered by the Uniform Fire Safety Act,.P.L. 1983, c.383 shall be placed in an appropriate clean tree stand.

2.                          Loose needles and other debris shall be removed from the natural cut tree before it is displayed in the public or commercial building.

3.                           The water level in the tree stand shall be checked daily and additional fresh water added at regular intervals to ensure a water level sufficient to prevent the tree from becoming dry.

4.                          A fresh cut tree which becomes dry and brittle, with brown, falling needles shall be promptly removed from the building.

F-306.6.3 Live Trees:  Live trees include any container grown balled and burlapped or balled and potted tree that has been uprooted, its roots protected by an earthen ball and maintained in a fresh hardy condition.  Live trees shall be displayed in a manner that does not allow the tree to become dry, and any tree which becomes dry, brittle, or shows signs of dying, shall be removed from the building.

F-306.6.4 Holiday wreaths:  Holiday wreaths shall be permitted in any building but such wreaths shall not exceed 10 percent of the aggregate wall area of any room or space.

F-306.6.5  Powers of enforcing agency:  The appropriate enforcing agency or fire official shall approve the placement of a live or natural cut tree in a public or commercial building, may limit the number of trees in any building, and may order the removal of a tree from a building or occupancy if the fire official determines that the condition of the tree poses a safety hazard.  

Section 610.5

Means of Egress  

F-610.5 Sign obscuration:  Decorations, furnishings and equipment impairing the visibility of egress signs shall not be permitted.  Brightly illuminated signs for other than egress purposes, displays or objects shall not be located in or near the line of vision to the required egress sign when of a character so as to detract attention from the egress sign such that the sign will not be noticed.