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Childrens 100% Cotton robes 

Charter Club, Agean, Club Room, Baby Monarch, b-kids, Jr. by Monarch

These robes when used as sleepwear, do not meet federal flammability standards.

Fire Extinguishers

Bombay Productions Inc., California US

Firestopper, The portable liquid fire extinguisher

Because of the high pressure contents, these fire extinguishers can explode.

Smoke Alarms

Universal Security Instruments, Inc

Model #'s Safe T Alert SA-7895 BCSR, Universal SS-785 BCSR, Universal SS-795 BESS, USI Electric USI-1203 BESS

Smoke alarms can fail to alarm when smoke or fire is present


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), aware that one of the greatest hazards posed by defective products is in the resale market, (when items are sold in resale shops, on-line auctions and garage sales) has launched several new public awareness programs.  The CPSC has partnered with major on-line auction houses eBay and a program called "Recall Double Check" where sellers and buyers are encouraged to check for recall on items they are buying and selling.  Auction sites are providing links to the informational site of the CPSC.  Also on the on-line front, the CPSC has begun monitoring internet sites looking for sales of recalled, illegal or dangerous products.  They've called this new program Operation SOS (Safe On-line Shopping) which started as a pilot program in December, 1999.

The CPSC has also partnered with the US Postal Service to post recall notices in its 33,000 post offices nationwide.  They hope that will function as sort of a "Dangerous Products Most Wanted List."  This program shifts the focus from the stores to the real danger, getting dangerous products out of homes.  The CPSC and USPS are hoping by giving 7 million postal customers each day exposure to recall notices, they can help to prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.


Last updated: Saturday, December 13, 2003 12:27 AM


The CPSC offers free email notification of press releases to interested parties.  These press releases offer recall information, calendars of their upcoming meetings, and news articles designed to educate the public on faulty products.  To sign up for email notification on recalls and news visit the CPSC website at  This site may also be used to notify the CPSC of faulty products, report an incident involving a faulty product, or to view pictures of products that have been recalled.  Notifications may also be made on the CPSC's hotline at 800-638-2772 or CPSC's teletypewriter at 800-638-8270. 


Proctor Silex

Model Numbers 24205 and 24208 with the series codes A0379 through a3279 or a2589-a3289 only

Heating element can remain on after the food pops up, posing a fire hazard.

Childrens Lamps

Kmart Stores, Little Ones fun accent lamps; airplane lamp, alphabet lamp, numbers lamp, baseball lamp, train lamp and sailboat lamp.

Lamp can short circuit posing a fire hazard.



Michaels Stores, 9 inch long, white base and green, or blue plastic handled lighters.

Lighters leak butane when ignited, causing an excessive burst of flame.


Township of West Milford OEM


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