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What is 9 1 1 ?


9 1 1

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What do you do if there is a fire in your home?

Do not use your telephone to call.  Stay low, get out of the house immediately and call from your neighbor's or a pay phone.  Remember that you can dial 9 1 1 from a pay phone for FREE.

When a person is victimized or witnesses a criminal action, the feelings of anxiety are so overwhelming that trying to look up the telephone number for the police can be an impossible task.  Likewise, when a person has a sick child and does not know where to turn, or smells smoke in their home, 9 1 1 can put them in touch with people who know what to do.  The universal 9 1 1 system was also created to assist children, the infirmed, senior citizens and those who have problems with language.












In the event of an emergency, do you know what to do?  Today in most areas throughout North America, there is a universal emergency telephone number to call,..... 9 1 1.

When the 9 1 1 operator answers, give the following information:

1.  The phone number you are calling from.

2. Your name.

3.  Your address.

4.  What the problem is.

Remember to remain calm, speak clearly and remain on the line to answer all the operator's questions.

What is considered an emergency?

"An event or occurrence demanding immediate action; or any condition endangering life or property."  




Last modified: December 13, 2003


When do I call 9 1 1?

Call 9 1 1 for help when:

You witness or are the victim of a crime.

You smell smoke or see a fire.

You witness or are involved in a serious accident.

There is an emergency illness or suspected poisoning.

When a child/senior citizen/handicapped person is lost, confused, frightened or needs special assistance.

There is any situation that is potentially dangerous and you are not sure who to call.


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