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Township of West Milford Home Fire Insurance Rating

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Your Home Fire Insurance Rating

    Each of the six volunteer fire companies of the Township Fire Department has a fire station, their own fire apparatus and carries water with them for initial fire suppression.  Any structure fire would be considered an automatic multiple alarm and a minimum of three fire companies would be immediately dispatched to the scene.  The fire stations are located throughout the Township to provide adequate fire protection to all areas.  Most homes in the Township are within five miles of a fire station, with only a few exceptions.

    Based upon the Fire Department's, equipment, man-power, water resources and response time, the Insurance Service Office established a fire insurance rating of six (6) for all residents in the Township whenever a residence is located within five (5) miles of a fire station. 

What does this mean to the homeowner?

   Whenever you are purchasing fire insurance for your home, you should first ask if the Insurance Company will use the ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating system.  The ISO uses a 1-10 premium scale.  One being the best rate - ten being the highest.  Since the Township was rated at a  6 - when the provider uses the ISO rate the resident will receive a slightly higher than medium insurance premium.  Insurance Companies who do not use the ISO rate will consider a West Milford Township resident a 9 in an area without hydrants and an 8 if a hydrant is within 1000 feet of the residence.  A substantial savings can be obtained by home-owners whose insurance provider uses the Insurance Service Office rates. 

    For further information regarding ISO rates, you may call the Bureau of Fire Prevention at 973-728-2840 or send an e-mail with your address requesting a form letter  mailed to you to submit to your insurance provider to: 

Last modified: August 10, 2004


Installing smoke detectors in your home will also reduce your insurance rate.  Click here for proper smoke detector placement in your home.


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