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UGLVAC Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in joining and would like to know...

  1. Do I have to be an EMT to join the Corps?

  2. When do I have to be available to answer calls?

  3. What if I am unable to be available for an assigned shift?

  4. Do I have to stay at the ambulance building while I am on duty?

  5. What if I cannot handle a particular call?

  6. How many calls does the UGLVAC Respond to?

  7. What about my personal safety?

  8. Is there any financial outlay required of members?

  9. How do I join the UGLVAC?

Do I have to be an EMT to join the Corps?

No, you may join as a “driver only”. We will provide you with driver training and basic “helper” training. We will certify you in CPR. We encourage you to enroll in an EMT training program or American Red Cross Emergency Response First Responder course during your first year on the Corps. Most people find that they want to do so in order to participate fully during ambulance calls.

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When do I have to be available to answer calls?

We have two shifts; day time and night time. Shifts are broken down into two additional categories; weekday and weekend. Daytime begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m.. Night shift begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m. You will be required to be on duty for one weekday twelve hour shift each week. If you have an unusual work schedule, our Scheduling Officer can work with you to create a schedule which will fit your needs.   In addition, each member must cover two shifts, for a total of 24 hours, of weekend duty once a month. You will have the option of breaking this up into two twelve hour shifts on different days or one 24 hour shift on the same day. During your weekend shift you will assist your crew with a rig check to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly and, inventory and restock the rigs with supplies.

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What if I am unable to be available for an assigned shift?

If due to vacation, illness or a pressing appointment you are unable to “pull” a shift you may find coverage among fellow Corps members. This is usually not a problem since all of us require coverage at some time and are willing to help each other.

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Do I have to stay at the ambulance building while I am on duty?

No, we all respond from our homes. You do, however, need to stay “on the mountain” during your shift. After you are sworn in you will receive a pager which will notify you when an ambulance is needed. You then proceed to the building to meet your crew and respond to the call.

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What if I can't handle a particular call?

First of all, please know that you will NEVER be alone on a call. An ambulance will not roll unless two certified EMT’s are on board. You will NEVER be asked to do anything you just cannot do. A backup crew can be called if absolutely necessary. At one time or another all of us has asked this question of ourselves and in most cases have found that during an emergency our training takes over and we "automatically" spring into action.

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How many calls does the UGLVAC respond to?

We average 20-30 calls per month. You may find that you do not answer a call for weeks at a time. On the other hand you may have a shift during which you receive 2 or 3 calls. Despite the relatively low call volume, our goal is to have ALL shifts adequately covered so that UGL residents do not have to wait for an ambulance to respond from West Milford. The UGLVAC primary coverage area starts at the intersection of White Rd. and Warwick Tpk., up the hill to half way down Clinton Rd. (approximately to the bad curve by the reservoir), to Wawayanda State Park, and covering Vernon out to the New York State border. We have mutual aid arrangements with West Milford and back them when needed.

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What about my personal safety?

Whenever an ambulance rolls our FIRST concern is our own safety. We will not enter any scene that is not safe. The West Milford Police Dept. provides wonderful support, and responds to all calls with us (usually arriving before us). In addition we comply with all OSHA/PEOSHA guidelines concerning infectious diseases including personal safety procedures such as gloves, goggles, masks, and an on board “sharps” containers. When on a call we are considered to be township employees and are entitled to coverage by the township as well as coverage by the Corps insurance.

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Is there any financial outlay required of members? 

No. Everything you need to be a member is supplied to you free of charge. You will receive a uniform and pager when you join. In addition, should you successfully complete an EMT program, you will be fully reimbursed. If you must hire a babysitter to attend a Corps meeting or drill, you will be reimbursed.

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How do I join the UGLVAC?

First you will meet with the Membership Committee for a brief interview during which you may have all your questions answered. Then, there is some paperwork to complete, including an application, a physical form which must be approved by Occupational Medicine at Chilton Hospital, and authorization to conduct a check on your driving record. Once you have met all these conditions your application for membership will be voted on by the body of the Corps and if accepted for membership you will be sworn in at our next scheduled monthly meeting.

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