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Residential Sales/Rentals 
All homes sold or rented in the State of New Jersey require smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher as of November 1, 2005.  Click here for local certification information.
The office of emergency management operates with three telephone numbers on a daily basis:

973-728-2840, 2829 and 2827

When a State of Emergency is declared the following telephone numbers are activated:

973-728-4147, 4146, 4145, 4144, 4143, 4142 and 4141

For all Police, medical and fire emergencies is 9 1 1

Non emergency number for Police/EMS/Fire dispatch is 973-728-2800


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Nov 2005 House Fire
Low Angle Rescue Training
Residential Sales/Rentals
Nov 3, 2005 House Fire
Oct 2005 Airplane Crash
Rappelling Rope Rescue Training
July 05 House Fire
2005 Helicopter Training
April 20 2005 House Fire
FUNSAR Class 2005
April Rain Storm Information
WMFAS Offers CPR Classes
Feb 2005 Airplane Crash
Feb 2005 Incidents
February 5, 2005 House Fire
1/22/05 Slater Road House Fire
1/16/05-Olcott Road House Fire
November 19 - Garage Fire
Sheriff's Dept Launches Boat
June 2004 MVA Rollovers
June 2004 Incidents
Locomotive Fire 5-15-04
Burnt Meadow Rd Fire
2004 Ice Rescue Training
Company #3 Smoke House Trng.
Car Rollover 2/14/2004
Truck Rollover 1/19/04
OEM West Milford Resident Handout
Family Preparedness
Terrorism Fact Sheet
Mail handling Advice
DHSS Bioterrorism Factsheet
Contact Us
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Call 973-728-2840
Fax 973-728-2880
Police-Fire-EMS- Dial 9 1 1
Email:  fireoffice@westmilford.org
Evening Information: 973-728-2800


Township of West Milford OEM


To send email to Emergency Services please click here:  fireoffice@westmilford.org

Mailing Address:  1480 Union Valley Road West Milford NJ 07480

Site location:  13 Edgar Drive West Milford NJ 07480